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FSW3 with Powertap Rear hub and White Industries front hub



Back in the old days, it used to be that you had your Powertap wheel for trainin' and another set of wheels for racin'. And you were bummed, because you darn sure wanted to use your Powertap in races, but buying a second Powertap? Yowch!

If you want to know what you're capable of, you race with a power meter. If you want to know what your power needs really are in a race, you race with a power meter. But you had your trainin' wheel and your racin' wheels and that's just how it went.

And then one day... those crazy guys at November (that's us) proved that you were giving up precisely jack squat in races when you were using your trainin' wheels if your trainin' wheels are FSW3s and you made some smart choices about tires. So we're making this real easy for you.

The build: Kinlin XR31T Special Edition Powertap G3 rear hub/White Industries T11 front hub Sapim CX Ray spokes front and non-drive/Sapim CX Sprint drive side Wheelsmith black brass nipples 20/24 or 24/28 lacing

The tires: 1. Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless, 25mm, installed with tape, valves and sealant 2. Continental GP4000sII, 23 or 25mm, installed with Challenge latex tubes 3. Continental GP4000sII, 23 or 25mm, installed with Continental SuperLight Race tubes 

Go try and find a better build or a better deal than that!


1630g (20/24)
1675 (24/28)  

Tubeless rim tape (best for both tubed and tubless)
Spacer for 8/9/10 speed use (SRAM/Shimano only)
Tires and tubes, or tires, valves, and sealant - all installed. 


Ultegra 11s cassette so you can just pull them out of the box and go do a 20' test. 

20/24: 190 pounds 
24/38: 220 pounds