You're looking for directions to our shop, right, so you can come by and see our stuff in person? We don't have one of those. What we do have is a storage warehouse in Kensington, MD that holds our inventory of frames, wheels and wheel goods. It's not exactly public-facing, for two reasons: 1) a retail location of any convenience to customers carries significant costs - inventory, rent, utilitites, staffing, etc. Opening one would push our costs up significantly, without adding any actual value to the products; 2) it would really only benefit (if it actually is a benefit - we're not sold on that) a small percentage of our customers. It's a benefit to some has to be subsidized by many who don't take advantage. That's not our style. 

Soon you will also be able to see and purchase the Rail from select wheelbuilders in the US and UK. If you are a wheelbuilder and are interested in offering your lucky customers the Rail, drop us a note.