For when fast matters most. 



Conceived at the junction of road feel, handling, aerodynamics and light weight, the Rail is the first clincher wheelset optimized for every part of the course. Designed and prototyped by us, built exclusively for us by one of Taiwan's top rim makers, the Rail 52 is helps you go faster, corner better, and ride with more safety and confidence. Its 18mm inside width (25mm at the brake track) translates into a tubular-like ride that will spoil you for anything else, while its aerodynamic shape is pure rocket science, relying on NACA airfoils designed originally for aircraft wings.

At 52mm the Rail is deep enough for remarkable aero performance, while remaining a practical choice for windy days and hilly rides. 

Read more on the Rail's design philosophy here and here.

A prototype of the Rail tested at the A2 wind tunnel in North Carolina was found to be faster at all Angles of Attack (AOA) than November's previous 38mm, 50mm, 58mm and 85mm wheelsets. Instead of benchmarking against a 32H box rim, we measured the Rail against the Zipp 404 Firecrest clincher. Despite being 6mm shallower than the Zipp, the Rail prototype gave up only 2 seconds over a 40K TT and performed better than the Zipp at low AOAs (below 7.5 degrees) more common at the high speeds experienced in sprinting, attacks and descents. Rail 52s also scored markedly better than renowned wheels of similar and even significantly shallower depth on A2's crosswind stability index.

Read more on the Rail's aerodynamics here and here.

The Rail is the safest and most dependable carbon wheelset November has ever introduced, and is constructed with new high Tg resins, capable of withstanding up to 350 degrees farenheit without warping, delamination or other damage. The Rail comes standard brake pads made from a proprietary compound that is proven to reduce heat buildup during braking by 35%. The pads vastly improve braking performance over many pads. We can't change physics, so carbon still dissipates heat more slowly than alloy, requiring mindfulness to tube blowouts in extreme conditions. But significant upgrades to the resins and pad compounds means braking with the Rail inspires the same confidence as your favorite alloys.

Nimbus Ti hubs are made for us by White Industries, and come in 20, 24, and 28 front drillings, and 24, 28, and 32 rear drillings. Their most important features are shared directly with the T11: bearings (Enduro-made ABEC 5), axles (steel rear, aluminum front), titanium cassette body, geometry, and weight are all the same between the two. They come the titanium grey/silver color as pictured. A simpler hub shell, limited colors, and economies of scale afforded by a streamlined purchasing and hand building process is responsible for all of the cost savings.  


Full Carbon Clincher
Inside Width: 18mm
Brake Track Width: 25mm
Widest Section: 27.1mm
Rim Finish: UD carbon
Weight: 1565g (695g front / 870g rear)
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray, 20/24, black
Hubs: November Nimbus Ti hubs, manufactured by White Industries
Decals: November transfer decal above clear coat, bleached black
Drivetrains: SRAM/Shimano 9/10/11, Campagnolo 9/10/11 
Brake Pads: SwissStop Black Prince (included)
Rim Strips: November (included)
Skewers: November (included)

For best performance, weigh less than 225 pounds.

Rail 52 Reviews:

CyclingTips blog: "transformed (the bike) into a racing machine that was immediately more responsive to my efforts..." "They feel stable even in strong crosswinds and in blustery conditions when some wheels of a similar depth can really throw off the handling and force you to correct your steering constantly." "While putting in a big effort on a flat, I could feel myself pushing a bigger ring with more ease than normal. Though I will admit I did have a bit of a cross/tailwind and some motivation to really see what I could do, I was able to successfully set a PR by nearly 60 seconds on a 2 mile course."