RFSW 50 Wheelset
Handbuilt carbon tubular wheelset  

Price: $905 $790 clearance price
In stock, ready to build
Designed for:
Racing, Gran Fondos 


Rim Material: Carbon fiber
Rim Depth: 50mm
Rim Weight: 410g
Rim Style: 
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray, 20/24
Radial front, 2x rear. Handbuilt in the USA.
Novatec A291SB/F482SB, black. 76g front, 253g rear with Japanese sealed EZO bearings.
Rider Weight Limit: 
Standard build: 210 pounds road / 180 pounds cyclocross





Our RFSW Wheelset is a go-to game day choice, with 50mm carbon tubular rims.  1370 grams for the set, with 20 radial spokes up front, 24 out back, laced 2 cross.  The RFSW is hand built in the US, using Sapim Laser (lighter, stronger, better) spokes. They’re light enough for climbing, aero for TTs and the break, and built to take it in the crits. Brake track width is 20.5mm (standard is 19mm) for a broader contact patch between your tire and the road, and more secure tire/rim interface. 

Best of all, at a price lower than most mid-range aluminum clinchers, you'll race them carefree, not baby them.

Like all November wheelsets, the RFSW 50s are made with rims, hubs and spokes that have passed strict EN testing, and are hand-built to draconian trueness, roundness and tension standards right here in the U.S. 

RFSW Wheelset includes:

  • Skewers
  • Carbon-specific brake pads
  • Removable core valve extenders (the nice valve extenders, not the cheap ones that leak)
  • Valve extender install tool

Shipping/handling for the RFSW wheelset is $35. MD residents pay 6% sales tax.
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