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FEATURED BUILD - FSW3 with PowerTap.

Our last trip to the wind tunnel proved that the Kinlin rims in our FSW3 wheels are every bit as fast as those 40+mm carbons you use on race day. So now that your everyday alloys can also be your game day wheels, there's no better time to add a PowerTap. Especially since we've added tires (installed) and knocked $135 off the price.



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RFSW3 Disc 

$715 / $740

Images coming soon. Good looking bike though, don't you think?


The first shipment of ceramic-coated rims sold out more quickly than we possibly could have imagined. We are doing whatever possible to get more here more quickly, but we don't expect resupply until May. In the meantime, we've added the machined brake track (normal silver) version as an option in RFSW3 builds in addition to custom. Performance and specifications are exactly the same, looks are different, and cost is lower. 

These are the wheels we ride when we're feeling a little fancy. In addition to checking all the performance boxes, they have a unique matte black brake track that looks like carbon, but at half the price and far better braking. Train on them, race on them, chase KOMs on them, ride 'em hard and put 'em away wet (actually you should take better care of your equipment than that).  For use with tubes or tubeless. Includes tubeless compatible rim tape (installed) and skewers (rim brake versions only).

RFSW3 wheels are built with 32.5mm deep, 25mm wide (26.2 max), 19.6mm internal width tubeless ready alloy rims with a matte black finish with black ceramic brake track. 9.8mm brake track height. 480g per rim. Manufactured by AForce.

RFSW3 hubs feature Japanese Ezo bearings and an anti-bite guard on the cassette body. Made for us by Novatec, they rival the lightest hubs we offer at 335g per set.

RFSW3 Disc hubs feature the same Ezo bearings and anti-bite guard and are centerlock with 27 points of engagement. They are available for QR/12mm/15mm front, and 135mmQR and 12x142TA rear. Shimano-SRAM/Campy/XD Compatible and 425g per set.

Hubs for both wheel types are 11-speed an include a spacer for 9/10 speed drivetrains.

An option to upgrade to White Industries T11 or White Industries CLD (in black) is available at checkout. 

RFSW3 wheels are built with black Sapim CX Ray with CX Sprint on rear drive side, radial laced front, 2x/2x laced rear, and black Wheelsmith brass nipples.

RFSW3 Disc wheels use black Sapim CX Ray with CX Sprint on rear drive side and front disc side. Both wheels laced 2x throughout and also use black Wheelsmith brass nipples.

Your choice of white, 
red, blue, green, purple, silver, black, neon yellow, neon pink, neon green, neon red or neon orange.

20/24: 1545g, 185 lb weight limit*
24/28:  1585g, 225 lb weight limit*

RFSW3 Disc:
24/28: 1665g, 225 lb weight limit*

Tubeless rim tape
QR skewers (rim brake model only) 

*sorta. Weight guidelines can vary widely based on terrain, riding style and rim material. If you're unsure which build will provide you with the best performance, just ask us.