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November Select Alloy
Starting at $685.

Riding style, terrain, goals, size, budget and aesthetics - you're not exactly a snowflake, but neither is a one size fits all solution ideally suited to you. Our Select Alloy wheel range lets us help you identify the wheel set that helps you get the most out of your time on the bike, built with mastery and care.

Choosing the right set:

November Select Alloy builds allow you to select your components from a curated group of rims, hubs and spokes that we believe cover the majority of riders' use cases and needs. We limit your options to make it easier to choose: selecting a rim out of the three we present here is easier than choosing one out of a list of 7 that all look very much alike. The guides below help you decide which rims, hubs and spoke count are the best fit for you.

But we know that wheel choice is as emotional as it is logical, and despite all our testing and expertise and data points, we recognize that sometimes you just need to talk it through a bit more. So we're also here to answer your questions and make sure you're confident in the choice you're making. Ask for our advice, anytime.

Select vs Select+
Both our Select and Select+ builds use slightly thicker gauge spokes on the drive side. Through tons of builds and miles, with astute observation and expert insight, we've learned that this technique allows us to build a wheel that is more stable, performs better, and stays true longer. 

Select builds feature Sapim Laser and D-Light spokes, while Select+ builds use Sapim CX Ray and CX Sprint spokes. Weights are more or less identical, and overall build strength is similar. The bladed spokes of the Select+ builds offer a small aerodynamic benefit, as well as a look that many people prefer. In competitive situations, even when you're competing against yourself, the Select+ gives a small boost that can easily justify itself. When you're off the clock, Select gets you everything you want out of your wheels.  

Rim selection
What are your priorites in a rim? Light weight? Width? Value? Profile depth? Brand? The table below compares our current Select and Select+ rim offerings so you can look past the name to the attributes that differentiate each option.



Hub selection
Select and Select+ wheels come with your choice of a small but thoroughly vetted selection of hubs covering a range of weights, features, prices and colors.


Spoke count
Ideal spoke count is a function of how much abuse your size, riding style and terrain impart onto your wheelsets. Rider weight is the usual proxy for spoke counts, but isn't always accurate because everyone rides differently. A 165 pound rider who trains on rolling hills and in brisk group rides may find that a 20/24 build is perfectly ample. A different 165 pound rider who finds his rides take him onto underpaved roads frequently or uses his fast bike for pothole-laden commutes will likely find a 24/28 build provides added durability and confidence. If your style is more Alberto Contador than Tony Martin, you demand more of your wheels. With that in mind, we developed our Rider Weight Guidelines to reflect not how few spokes can you get away with, but how many spokes do you need for the wheels to deliver the optimum performance for which they were intended. Rims are the biggest variable in how a certain build will work for any particular rider, so we've based these on Pacenti SL23 builds, and included a factor for the other rim choices:

20/24: up to 175 pounds (HED Rims add 5 pounds, Kinlin rims add 15)
20/28: up to 185 pounds ((HED Rims add 5 pounds, Kinlin rims add 15)
24/28: up to 220 pounds (Kinlin rims add 10 pounds)
28/32: up to 250 pounds (Kinlin rims add 10 pounds)

This is the part of the choice where we get the most questions. If you're unsure which build will provide you with the best performance, just ask us or give us a call.