Race Smart.

November Bicycles supplies race-ready bikes, framesets and wheels at half the cost of most other companies by cutting costs that don't add value.
We're a Pro Deal for everyone.  

Racing bicycles and wheels cost too much. 

Much of this cost - inventory risk, advertising, professional sponsorship, distribution channel morass, financing expense - contributes absolutely nothing to a bike's performance. We realized that by stripping out all of the expenses that don't add value, we would be able to sell remarkably high quality frames, bikes and wheels at a fraction of what other brands charge. So that's what we decided to do.

We won't say that our gear is the best, the lightest, the laterally stiffest or the most vertically compliant. We’ve done the research and testing to know that you'll love riding our bikes and wheels, but clichéd superlatives don’t do it for us. 

We will say that we supply excellent frames and race wheels at outstanding prices. When you buy a November bike or wheelset, you are paying for performance - not a pro racer's salary, some press junket in the desert, glossy ads in magazines, or an inefficient legacy distribution channel. If it doesn't make our products faster or service better, we don't do it (and then pass the cost along to you).

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