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A brief history

Mike (the handsome one, left) and Dave (with the hat) at the Great November Ride in October 2010.“There’s got to be a better way.”   The phrase that’s launched a million ventures launched this one too.  Frustrated by the difficulty in finding frames to supply to his new race team, Mike began learning more than he ever wanted to know about sourcing bicycle parts.  While that was going on, Dave was trying to find the right bike with which his wife could try racing, without going broke.  Whining to each other about our difficulties, we decided to try and be a better solution for people like us.  

The five years since our launch have been years of profound change in every aspect of the sport and the industry, and for us as well. The only absolute constant for us is our dedication to providing you with the best equipment for the lowest price possible. We've always pursued a slow growth strategy, building November for the long haul instead of sacrificing our ideals in order to reap short term gains. Each wheel is still individually hand built in-house to ensure the highest possible quality and the best fit for your indivdual requirements. 

Our consumer direct model remains the most efficient way to put world class products in your hands, allowing direct communication between ourselves and our customers. As happy as we are with the products we've developed, from Rail rims to Nimbus Ti hubs, we're most proud of the relationships we've developed with our customers. No matter how much we grow, our customers will always come first, and our priority will be on delivering the highest level of service to every customer.

Each wheel is still made by our handsAs cycling continues to evolve, November will stay at the forefront of performance, service, and value. Pound for pound, no one tests more to learn about how to improve your cycling experience - in the wind tunnel, on the test bench, and in the field, if it's important to you, it's important to us.