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November Select MTB
Starting at $745.

If you're like a lot of people, mountain bike wheels give you a good case of analysis paralysis. Let us help. Our Select MTB wheel progam makes it easy to get the wheels that are going to be the best fit for you, your bike and how you ride it. 

Choosing the right set:

The starting point for any mountain bike build is, of course, which size wheel you need. Hopefully you've got that one covered. You might need a bit of help from there, so keep reading. 

Rim selection
We've cut the infinite number of rims out there to the ones we like the best and trust the most: 


Hub selection
Select MTB wheels come with your choice of a small but thoroughly vetted selection of hubs covering a range of weights, features, prices and colors. Being mountain bike hubs, there is a nearly endless range of axle types and widths, and also drive formats. If yoiu're confused, we're here to help. Mountain demands a lot of your hubs, so choosing a set that allows you to spend your time riding and not tinkering is important. Compare our current offerings by brand, color choices, weight and price.


Spoke count
This gets a little easier with mountain bike builds, as you're either going with 28/28 or 32/32. 28/29 is really best left for the lightweights and racer types, while most people are going to find a 32/32 works great. Your riding style and suspension are as big a variable as your weight here; a fully rigid 29er wheel is up against a lot more than a 27.5 wheel on a full suspension bike, no matter who is at the wheel. Our general take is that you want to spend your mountain bike time having fun and not worrying about your equpiment or doing any more maintenance than you absolutely need to, so 32/32 is a great call for most of us.

Select Disc vs Select+ Disc
Our Select MTB builds usa a slightly heavier gauge Sapim D-Light/Race combo compared to the Sapim Laser/D-Light we use on Select and Select Disc. It adds a few grams but the extra protection they give against things that happen when the line you took wasn't exactly the line you planned is well worth it. Select+ uses our standard Sapim CX Ray/CX Sprint combo, which is a small bit lighter, has great fatigue life, and is just as aero as you can get.

If you're unsure which build will provide you with the best performance, just ask us or give us a call.